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PEAK Plutonium 2.0

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Informatii nutritionale:
Vitamina C 240mg 300%
Niacina 48mg 300%
Vitamina B6 1,4mg 100%
Magneziu 60mg 16%
Crom 40ug 100%
BCAA 2:1:1 6000mg
 L-Leucina 3000mg
 L-Izoleucina 1500mg
 L-Valina 1500mg
L-citrulina malat 5000mg
Izomaltoza 5000mg
Beta-alanina 4000mg
Creatina alfa-ketoglutarat 2000mg
Creatina HCl 2000mg
L-arginina alfa-ketoglutarat 2000mg
Taurina 1000mg
Glicina 1000mg
Betaina 1000mg
N-acetil-L-tirozina 750mg
Extract din scoarta de salcie alba ( 15% salicina ) 650mg
D-glucuronolactona 500mg
Extract de Garcinia cambogia ( 60% acid hidroxicitric ) 500mg
Calciu hidroximetilbutirat 500mg
Cafeina 400mg
Adenozin trifosfat 400mg
Extract de ceai verde ( 40% galat de epigalocatechina ) 300mg
L-ornitina-alfa-ketoglutarat 250mg
Extract de cacao ( 24% teobromina ) 250mg
Extract de Panax Ginseng 200mg
Extract din seminte de struguri ( 95% oligo-proantocianide ) 100mg
Extract de grapefruit ( 90% naringina ) 50mg
Extract de ghimbir 50mg
Extract de piper negru ( 95% piperina ) 5.3mg

Mod de administrare:
Amestecati 37 g de pulbere (1 linguriță) cu 500 ml de apă + 3 capsule.
Se consuma cu 30 de minute inainte de antrenament.

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